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High Light

Deep Scene Lighting

Light source from the case emits a space of energy, creating the finest immersive gaming environment. New lighting modes“the immersive gaming mode”and the exclusive “iGame mode” are launched.

Scene Lighting

Detection & Upgradation

Intelligent Service

Real-time Monitoring

DIYer is Gamer

Zero Performance Loss丨Full Monitoring

Monitoring the frame number of games and recording the performance and power loss, generating real-time intelligent game record reports with time division.

Game Monitor

Game Analysis

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Bug Hunting Plan:

By submitting explicit bugs, users will be rewarded with iGame points. Furthermore, those who submit "serious" and "complicated" bugs will be rewarded with physical hardware!

Senior Product Manager Seeking Plan:

We will read every opinion and idea for the improvement of iGame Center, and those who put forward excellent opinions or ideas will be rewarded!

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