About Colorful

Company History


iGame series in full flourish

Colorful has completely upgraded its high-end sub-brand "iGame". Its four newly upgraded series of products: Vulcan, which represents the concept of future technology, Neptune, which represents the ultimate water cooling, Advanced, which features hard metal elements and cool lighting, and Ultra, which is a young trendy product, have been highly recognized by gamers after two generations of product efforts.
In 2019, iGame officially launched its gaming AIO PC, desktop PC, gaming laptops, etc., entering the integration product field.


Reorganization of product line

Colorful has accumulated numerous core technologies and won user recognition after years of differentiation attempts. However, there exist many problems – a wide range of products, complex naming, and lack of systematization. Therefore, Colorful reorganized the definition of products to bring more personalized choices to users in a more systematic, targeted, and multi-dimensional way.
In 2016, the GeForce GTX 10 series graphics cards were officially released, and iGame launched the popular iGame GTX 1080 X Top AD, iGame GTX 1080 Ti Neptune W, iGame GTX 1080 Ti Vulcan X OC, and other star products, and gradually formed the series of ideas that users are familiar with today.
Colorful shifted from computer parts to completed systems and solutions, and developed the corporate vision combining hardware + content, and also entered the field of content, including games.


Pioneering "Gamer Customization"

In 2013, Colorful took the lead in the industry with its online retail resources and rank number one of online sales for the year. This ranking has been maintained to date.
In 2014, Colorful launched its first iGame motherboard product: iGame Z97 Vulcan X. This motherboard called for 100 users to hand-paint the cooling module with the design concept of "shark bionics", and then optimized to the final solution, marking "Gamer Customization" for the first time, which successfully led the trend of the high-end motherboard market.
In 2015, Colorful launched the Storage line products.


Technological innovation

Colorful has fully entered the high-end product field and launched the sub-brand "iGame". iGame's first product, the 9800GT-GD3, pioneered the "One-Key Overclocking" technology; the iGame 260-GD3 UP Vulcan brought the SPT ultra-silver plating technology and IPU power supply unit (the prototype technology of IPP "iGame Pure Power"); the iGame 460 Vulcan X, which won the "Design Awards China", features the industry's first cross-through heat pipe architecture. Through continuous technical accumulation and innovation, iGame has gradually established a high-end image of the brand in the minds of users.
In 2011, iGame even launched its first "collector level" graphics card, the iGame GeForce GTX 560Ti Kudan. To this day, the "Kudan" series has long been regarded as synonymous with "King of graphics card".
In 2012, Colorful held the shares of Chaintech (stock code: TW2425), became a shareholder of the largest machine e-commerce platforms of KOTIN and IPASON in China, and achieved the goal of corporate capital operation.


Intensive attempts at differentiated products

From 2005 to 2007, Colorful made numerous attempts at product differentiation.
The Colorful Tian Xing 7800 GTX water-cooled version defined the composition of water-cooled graphics cards for the first time, while the 8600GT-GD3 UP souvenir edition set a new high-frequency record on the market that year.
Colorful synchronized the launch of a variety of motherboard products for respective platforms. Among them, Colorful NF4X had outstanding performance so that Colorful sales and market attention are climbing extremely fast, leaping to become one of the top brands in mainland China's motherboard market. Also during this period, Colorful launched the "Battle Flag" series of motherboard products, with a more beautiful appearance, full Chinese BIOS interface, and better price/performance ratio, bringing new options for mainstream consumers.


From OEM to ODM

From 1999 to 2003, after five years of effort, Colorful reached the goal of taking the largest share in the Chinese video card market, becoming NVIDIA's largest partner in China and constructing a complete channel sales system.
While being highly recognized by the market, Colorful synchronously completed the transformation from OEM to ODM, put forward the "game graphics card experts" product development strategy, to bring the industry's most cutting-edge advanced products for avid gamers, based on solid R&D, design capabilities, and began to make deep attempts to differentiate products.


The birth of Colorful brand 

In 1995, Mr.Wan Shan established "Seethru" in Shenzhen, and started to involve in the computer hardware industry. After four years of development, the company decided to establish its own brand.

In 1999, the first graphics card under the brand name "Colorful" was launched, marking the official birth of the Colorful brand. 

In 2002, the company formally launched the motherboard products, meaning two major product lines -VGA and MB lineup are established.