Getting Even Tinier, the Whole New Mini PC by Colorful

COLORFUL | 2017.11.20 06:01

      Scores of eye-catching devices arecrowding the space of Computex Taipei 2017, thanks to the latest cutting-edgetechnologies and products brought here by leading global brands. Colorful, themarket share and sales volume dominating local brand of computer motherboardand graphics, joined with Intel to unveil its mind boggling product at boothM1019A, Floor 4, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd.,Nangang Dist., Taipei City. Mr. Wan Shan, Chairman of Colorful, together with twoheavyweights from Intel including Mr. Anand, GM of the desktop computerdivision (DCD), and Mr. Jason Chen, VP of Intel business marketing division andGM of the Asia Pacific technology marketing division, who will hold thisproduct launch conference.

      Winning the 2016 Innovation Award fromDCD of Intel for Colorful's main board at the beginning of this year highlysignifies the efforts invested by Colorful in motherborad productscored by Intel's latest chip set. The iGame series mid- and high-end productsare not only highly recognized by Intel, but also well adopted by the publicafter three years of heavy computing operations. The " Gamer·Customization" product vision which involves a huge number of users in product designand customization is winning the hearts of many gamers. Thanks to the veryfirst technology resources shared by Intel, Colorful is working with it tocreate the next generation Mini PC. The very first STX motherborad debuted nownot only comes with enriched features but also notable scalability in a compactsize of 155*156mm.

      The product launch conference attractedthe attention of lots of visitors and media. What hooks them is how small itcan go without sacrificing the performance offered by its desktop rivals as aMini PC is definitely anything but a new face in the computer markets. Openingwith a speech by Mr. Anand, GM of Intel's desktop computer division, he notedthat Colorful is performing well among Intel's premium motherborad brand ownerslately. Products and sales by Colorful are making breakthroughs both indomestic and global markets. Intel is closely partnering with Colorful to bringthe latest Intel technology and Colorful products to users for the very firsttime. The Mini PC is the first in scores of unprecedented next generation MiniPC product lines by Intel and Colorful in future.

      Being the founder and chairman ofColorful, Mr. Wan Shan has been leading it from a startup into a sophisticatedtech brand with the capacity for self-R&D and self-production in 20 strongyears. The new strategy of 2017 is pushing it into the global market in onesuccessful bid. Colorful is marching from motherboard and graphics cardmanufacturer into "integration solution" provider in the coming yearsof ever advancing technology and increasingly accelerating product updates andcomputing speed. Colorful is integrating its existing product lines with thelatest technology of the upper stream to provide integration services for usersof the future. In addition to being a PC in a mini casing, the Mini PC of thefuture will be a desktop device with varieties of features. Ordinary exchangesby Intel and Colorful on high-tech products are set to transform ordinary goodsinto something beyond expectations. Colorful will maintain its innovationcapacity to go forward together with Intel, Mr. Wan Shan noted.

      The honorable guest speaker, Mr. JasonChen, VP of business marketing division and GM of Asia Pacific technologymarketing division of Intel,paid heavy attention and recognition to Mini PCs and motherborad products madeby Colorful. In addition to the Optane storage technology brought by Intel, theSTX mainboard comes with the smallest footprint and the most powerful featuresin history.

      The whole new Mini PCemploys an Intel B250 chip set and supports an Intel LGA1151 processor (with maximum TDP at 65W) and DDR4 2400mhzmemory in dual SO-DIMM slots up to 32GB. Its eye-watering expansion slotscontain one M.2 (E key/ 2230) WiFi + BT module slot, one M.2 SSD slot for IntelOptane SSD support), and one M.2 (E key/ 2242) Intel Thunderbolt slot. Its front I/Ointerface comes with one earphone jacket and two USB 3.0 ports (oneof them in Type-Cspecification); the rear I/O interface contains VGA + HDMI + DP combo (toguarantee video output compatibility), one USB3.0 and 2.0 respectively, andIntel Gigabit I219V LAN port.

      The executives from Intel and chairman ofColorful accepted interviews by media to discuss the desktop computer marketenvironment and product in more detail. One obvious signal by this grandproduct launch suggests the heavy attention by Intel on Colorful's motherborad product lines following its dominance ofgraphic cards in the national market. Thanks to the success of Mini PCs, we areconfident to see more refreshing devices by Intel and Colorful in the nearfuture.

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