Micronics Holds Press Conference with Colorful in Korea

COLORFUL | 2017.11.20 05:44

June, 28th 2017, – Colorful TechnologyCompany Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, holdsa press conference with Micronics, a Colorful’s motherboard agent in Korea. Todevelop Korea market and give their gamers more powerful hardware, Colorfultook relationship with Micronics this year and Micronics has been the onlyagent to sell Colorful motherboard in Korea. Besides, this press conference isthe first time for both Colorful and Micronics to introduce products to Koreamedia and answer questions from reporters.



Distinguishedguests Brian Jung (Intel Korea channel account manager), and Michael (Micronicschannel manager) attend this conference to show their supports to Colorful andto the corporation between Colorful and Micronics. Mr.Ding Xuefeng (Colorfulmotherboard channel manager ) answers about after-sale services andoverclocking of motherboard. Finally, Colorful decides to help Micronicsarranging promote meeting with Intel about products and channels.


Highlightthis conference, iGame X299 Vulcan X catches every reporter’s eyes in allproducts, which was published at Computex 2017. That was also the first timefor it to design PC MB and provided black&white PCB. Named as iGame X299Vulcan X, it was listed into iGame family and then got much more attentionsfrom hardware field and Intel.



ExceptiGame X299 Vulcan X, there is also a amazing motherboard getting much attentionfrom reporters. That is named iGame Z270 Ymir-X, another member of iGamefamily, which features Customized Lava Armor, GamerVoice2.0 system, eSport USBPorts. iGame Z270 Ymir-X is the first high-end motherboard with drawingtechnology. With changeable RGB lighting, angular line design and grainsthrough the lights show off lava lights from different aspects.

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