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18 October2017, South Korea - China's largest hardwaremanufacturer, COLORFUL®,unites with Korea's Micronics to launch iGame300 series motherboards in SouthKorea with a Press Conference Launch at Four Seasons Hotel, Nuri Ballroom II.

COLORFUL®is China's famous DIY hardware manufacturer with 20 years of successful developmentin the market. Seven completed three stages of strategic transformation –including independent research and development, production, brand to sales upgradeand the integration of its services to become a complete industry-chainenterprise supplier and has grown significantly into a High-tech enterpriseunder China’s reform and Open door policy. For 16 consecutive years now, it hasone of the largest market share in China.

InJuly 2005, COLORFUL® penetratedthe main board market with the launch of its "intelligent” motherboard concept,but by second half of 2014, their positioning geared towards the high-endmarketplace and the launch of its first generation researched and developedSeven system boards with Intel Z97 chipset - “iGame Z97 Vulcan X” motherboards signaledthe move into this high-end space. In the following few years, Seven iGamedesign team put a lot of time and energy, closely catching up to Intel'sfootsteps and released iGame Z100 series, Z200 series motherboards, of whichreceived high evaluations and good reviews in the China market. The iGame200series’s iGame Z270 Vulcan X even received a nickname called "China LittleROG".

COLORFUL®officially went overseas with COLORFUL iGame Z300 series’ inaugural Motherboardlaunch held in Seoul, South Korea. The conference was attended by topmanagement including COLORFUL board division General Manager Ding Xue-Feng,Micronics Chairman Peter Kang, local and foreign media, local distributors andsenior DIY hardware enthusiasts.

Forthis round, COLORFUL®will introduce the iGame Z370 Vulcan X. This is different from the previous generationiGame main board in that it uses a black grey matching color, combined with a drawingprocess metallic texture, making it very eye-catching. In order to compensatefor the lack of light effect from the Z270 series, this COLORFUL iGame Z370Vulcan X motherboard version uses RGB for all the light effects. In addition,the main board allow GamerVoice2.0 system and music to interact with each other,whilst temperature of the CPU can be observed via the light on the main board.

TheCOLORFUL iGame Z370 Vulcan X motherboard is equipped with 3 PCIExpress3.0x1slots, 3 PCIExpress3.0x16 slots, and supports multi-video exchange firetechnology. The main board is equipped with two M.2 slots to support Intel Optane.One of the M.2 slots will be used to customize the complete metal coolingarmor. It can install M.2 SSD hard disk and provide up to 32Gb/s datatransmission speed. The electricity is powered by an iGame exclusive 14 provide pure digital power. "To the pure power supply system" caneffectively reduce the power supply ripple of iGame motherboard, while outputpure power supply, can reduce the temperature of the mainboard, which can helpthe mainboard stabilize and prolong its life. Sanyo SMD tantalum capacitor forplayers to computer even at high load in the long run, can also be highlyefficient and operationally stable, patch capacitance also has the specialcharacteristics of maintaining low temperatures and preventing it from becomingtoo hot, no matter how high the processor load is, it can provide a stablepower supply. The iGame Z370 Vulcan X board has a Debug monitor screen, whichcan not only detect the motherboard through code, but also display data ontothe screen showing current temperature, voltage and other working conditions ofthe hardware on the motherboard.

MODEL: COLORFUL® iGame Z370 Vulcan X

Processor support:Supports Intel Gen 8 Coffee Lake (LGA 1151)

Chipset: IntelZ370

Power supplyphase: 14 Phase I.P.P

Memory support: DualChannels DDR4, Max 64G

PCI-E x16 3.0:3*PCI Express 3.0 x16(SLI&CFX),

PCI-E x1: 3*PCIEx1

Vedio: DP+HDMI

Audio: ALC 1150Audio chipset+NE5532 Audio Power amplifier chip

Lan: Killer E2500

Multi-GPU: SupportCFX

SATAⅢ/Ⅱ: 6*SATA3.0+2*M.2

M.2/mPCIE/Msata:M.2 Slot, support Intel Optane SSD/PCIe Nvme SSD/MSATA SSD




1. Lively beat ofRGB

2. Lever E Fiberglass PCB Board. Dampproof, anti-corrosion and anti-static

3. Customized Lava Armor +M.2 SSD customized radiator

4. Kill E2500series gaming network card

5. Humanized and quickButton: One-Key Overclocking, One-Key BIOS Update, One-Key

CMOS Clearance and One-KeyMonitoring on Working Condition

Thisis just one of the main boards being launched, another COLORFUL® iGameLASER-T Z370AK PLUS V20 seen at this event offers another different style butusing the same Intel Z370 chipset.

COLORFUL® is currently developing the overseas markets, with continual emphasis on its hardware R&D and putting more resources in focusing on the active e-sports competitive industry in South Korea. In 2016 and 2017 consecutively, APAC has won the rights to sponsor hardware exclusively for Overwatch APAC Premier Pan-Asian championship. While in September 2017, COLORFUL® participated in the International Invitational Competition for the Banana Culture. In addition, COLORFUL® also organizes their own events, known as CGU in China, this event has groomed many batches of upcoming and professional e-sports talent stars in China.

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