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August xx , 2016 Shenzhen, China - Colorful  Technology  Company  Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, proudly announces the first ever Asean Icafe Owners & Gamers Gathering in partnership with Colorful’s exclusive agency Network Hub in Vietnam. The event gathers over 400 iCafe owners from Middle and South of Vietnam, over 100 IT dealers, gamers and media groups to share experience and ideas for iCafe design and solutions. The event is held at Sealink Bay Resort in PhanThiet Province, Vietnam from August 10-12.


As a leading Chinese brand, Colorful keeps on bringing high quality products with reasonable prices to iCafe owners from China and all over the ASEAN region. This time, Colorful is intended to improve the quality and user experience of iCafes in China, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam.



During the event’s opening, key figures from the industry shared information and key points to the attendees including NVIDIA, a primary partner for Colorful in delivering high-performance graphics to gamers.


Veteran iCafe owners also take the stage to share their knowledge and execution to maximize and benefit their patrons with representative from China, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam presenting their iCafe designs and solutions. Jiela Café from China, Geneforce from South Korea, and Cyber iCafe from Vietnam were some of the presentors who showcased their iCafe layouts and design considerations as well as tips for operating such businesses.


Senior executives Mr. Luo Wei and Mr. Ding Xue Feng from Colorful also took time to present Colorful and provide information in how Colorful graphics cards and components help in better iCafe design and solutions.



Business representatives from Colorful, NVIDIA and Intel assess and elect the best iCafe design and solution from every country participating and in turn Colorful provides every winners with their latest products: Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G, Colorful iGame Z170 Ymir-X and 1000USD as prizes.



Vietnamese LOL genius SofM of LPL Snake was present to grace the event and share his blessings to the attendants.


VR demos and plenty of other activities were available for the participants to enjoy after the event ceremonies.


Over the next two days, Colorful and Network Hub will arrange more pleasurable activities for all the guests. They can enjoy themselves in the wonderful Vietnam seaside at the same time when they are exchanging their experience and making connections with the others present. Also, Colorful will still keep on using its own advantage for resources integration, which will fully support the development of iCafes, e-sports and VR in China or even Asean.