gtx 970
Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G

- i-MSD(iGame-Modular structure design)
- RGB light
- New cooling fan
- New cooling base
- One-key overclocking
- I.P.P. (iGame Pure Power)
- S.P.T. (Silver Plating Technology)

i-MSD (iGame-Modular structure design)

Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G has the new technology of i-MSD (iGame-Modular structure design). Colorful innovatively separates the cooler to the functional module and appearance module. PCB, cooling fin, rear plate and catch are integrated to a integrated frame centering on PCB.

Colorful pioneers the two modules of function and appearance. Function modules is also called counter pull rear plate, which can reinforce the PCB all-around, strengthen the firmness of the whole VGA card, reduce the probability of PCB‘s deformation after long-time using compared to the traditional locking.

Based on the integrated frame, Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G brings the replaceable modular design of cooler case and rear plate. Players can DIY the cooler case and rear plate without changing the integrated frame, which show the idea of Gamer · Customization.

Also, in the future, more optional scheme will be brought out. The cooler is made of new alloy material having the better thermal conductivity. With the aerodynamics design, the auxiliary heat dissipation will be the max in the complete air channel. The Fans are repositioned and strengthened with the light sheetmetal on the cooling fin. Thus, the influence caused by the vibration from the Fans is completely removed then the efficiency of heat dissipation is lifted to a new level.

RGB light

Supports RGB color gamut and better display effect. Integrate the digital computat modular to the PCB of VGA. iGame-Zone overclocking software can be used for changing color and shining rate.

New cooling fan

Three-piece grooving diversion design.
Zigzag diversion lines on the edge.
Increase the area of fan blade for better air cutting efficiency.
30% air volume is increased.

New cooling base

New structure design of extra 1mm copper sheet on GPU and heat pipe distribution promotes the cooling efficiency.
Reduce more than 20% time of thermal conduction.